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Welcome to LUC Wholesale monogrammed Gifts! Our Exclusive & Innovative Neoprene Cooler Totes are Functional Fashion with a Monogram! Use the NEW Neoprene Tote as a Cooler with any freezeable cold Pack to keep things cold anywhere on the go. To the Beach, Park, Picnic, Sporting events, Tailgaiting & more!

Wholesale Infusion Sippers allow you to add more tasty goods to experience an enhanced flavor!

Our Sports Beverage Coolers are ready to quench your thirst at lunch, during workouts, on the go or at your favorite sporting event! Sports Beverage Cooler holds 1/2 gallon easy to put your favorite vinyl monogram or monogrammable wholesale neoprene cover.

Our Beer Sippy & Wine Sippy Cups are BPA-Free Acrylic. No more broken glass on patio, pool or boat with a wine or beer sippy cup. Keep the sand out of your glass at the beach or park! Our Wholesale wine & beer sippy cups fit in most cup holders even our wholesale beach sand spikes. Sippy Lids keep bugs out and prevent spills on wine sippy & beer sippy cups!

If you LOVE the Beach! You'll love our Sand Spike Hold My Drink beach beverage holder. Our Wholesale Sand Spikes are great for holding your favorite drinks, sunglasses, Wholesale beer sippy cups, Wholesale wine sippy cups, cell phone & more!

Our Wholesale monogrammable beach beverage holders can also sit between sofa cushions to hold TV changers & drinks!

We Have Fabulous and Fun, Creative Unique Wholesale monogrammed Gifts & monogrammable Blanks for everyone (including yourself).

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Baby Bella Thermal Tub Coolers have a monogrammable front pocket!
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If you're looking for something fun and creative for a friend, your family, Wedding events, Birthday event or even just a treat for yourself, Lisa has just what you're looking for!

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Let's Have a Party! Our Exclusive Wholesale Neoprene Solo Cup Koozie Sleeve fits any 16oz, 18oz & 24oz Plastic Party Cups . Our Koozies are Monogrammable! They are a great addition to any party theme. Our Wholesale Solo Cup Koozie sleeves are perfect for both hot and cold beverages. Add our FUN Colored Party Featuring Our Wholesale 6-Pack Neoprene Coolers practical & perfect for Tailgating, Beach,Picnic, Parties & more!

Dress up your Wholesale 6 pack cooler or Sports Beverage Cooler with a monogram or logo. It can be personalized on the neoprene band. Just place cooler in the freezer a few hours before use & the built in ice cooler keeps your drinks cold all day.

A Must see gift. Our Exclusive Ice Bucket cover for your 1 gallon Lucite or Wholesale Aluminum bucket. Our Ice Bucket covers come in a variety of fun colors! Changeable ribbons add fun, festive flair to any party or occasion. Our Small Thermal Tub is insulated for keeping your perishables cold. Great for a lunch tote! Leakproof! It has a velcro closure. Can carry wine or a Wholesale 6 pack of Drinks!

All of our products are made in the USA.