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No Sweat Neoprene!

Posted by jenmaxx on 7/2/2014
        " Keep it Cool "  with Neoprene!

Our "No Sweat" Neoprene is made of a synthetic rubber blend that is both heat and weather resistant. While this soft, flexible material was once only used for scuba gear, Neoprene is quickly becoming a popular fabric for seasonal, lifestyle and fashion accessories.
  • Neoprene's waterproof & protective qualities make it highly versatile to use.
  • Neoprene stays bright and colorful with everyday use and resists fading from the elements. 
  • Insulates: Keep your food and drinks WARM or COOL for hours! 
  • Water Resistant: This synthetic rubber material sheds water like a duck, making it an ideal outdoor material for keeping your money and cards dry. 
  • Shock & Scratch Resistant Cushioning: Neoprene has just the right thickness and density to absorb the shock of everyday handling and “bumping around".
  • Stretch & Durability: Due to its elasticity, this form-fitting material resists tearing, easily conforming to varying sizes and shapes. With our Metro Tote, Neoprene Totes or 6-Pack Coolers, you can easily carry 1, 2, or 6 bottles in a stylish manner!
  • Flotation Benefits: No need to worry about poolside mishaps! Will stay afloat if dropped in water. 
  • Stain Resistant:  Neoprene repels liquids and oils and washes easily with cold water and mild detergent...It even goes in the washer AND dryer!                    
  • PLUS.....Decorators LOVE LUC's exclusive Neoprene BLANKS to add a MONOGRAM or Corporate  LOGO thru the techniques of Embroidery, Heat Press  Transfers, Fabric Vinyl Decals, Rhinestone Appliques & Dye Sublimation  to create their   OWN exclusive LUC  product!
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